Image of the Week: Fierce and Timid

Week of Nov. 17, 2013

Two photos tie this week, both from the same hike at Whiskeytown Lake:

Fighting Spirit Photo: Max Odland
Photo: Max Odland

I noticed this berry for the color in its leaves, not for its defenses. It looked unassuming from above, with the standard thorny stems. It wasn’t until I got down on it’s level, looking for a more interesting angle, that I saw just how far this plant goes to protect it’s precious leaves.

Timid Photo: Max Odland
Photo: Max Odland

My second encounter came when this yearling accidentally approached me. At first we were both unaware of the other’s presence. But he made a noise when he was about 30 feet away, drawing my attention. He finally noticed me when I turned to the noise, and immediately froze. For the next ten minutes, any move on my part would elicit a nervous flinch and another frozen pose. As long as I remained still, he was content to nervously munch acorns.

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