IOTW: Disturbance

Disturbance Photo: Maxwell Odland

Photo: Maxwell Odland

Disturbance: noun. The interruption of a settled or peaceful condition.

A disturbance, in our everyday lives, is an inconvenience. They happen everywhere. Sometimes they’re big, like an earthquake, a tornado, a flood. Sometimes it’s losing your keys.

Right now, here, it’s fire season.

Ecologicaly speaking, fire is the main disturbance in this semi-arid landscape. Winter rains promote lush growth in the spring. By late June the ground is a tan grassy tinderbox. Then all it takes is a lightning strike (or more likely a vehicle spark).

This particular fire is about 15 miles away, and 90% contained after burning 1,300 acres. A small disturbance for the greater landscape. But maybe not for the residents who had to evacuate.


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